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3 Strikes, You're Out Rule

To encourage good sportsmanship and to set a good example for our players, Provo Fury FC will enact a "3 Strikes, You're Out" policy as follows.

Who can get strikes? 
All spectators, parents, coaches, and players—basically anyone who attends one of our games, practices, or events.

How can one get a strike?
- yelling, swearing, or audible threats directed at referees, coaches, parents, or players
- yelling, swearing, or audible threats directed at the opposing team
- any other behavior deemed "disrespectful" or "inappropriate" by Fury officials, coaches, assistant coaches, or team managers

What happens after three strikes?
This policy is enforced on a lifetime basis. So if someone gets three strikes they will no longer be able to play or attend any remaining or future Fury events—no refunds, no exceptions.

Who can give strikes?
The Provo Fury FC board of directors, committee members, coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers are the only ones authorized to give strikes and are responsible for reporting names and incidents to Provo Fury. We will keep track.

To help enforce this policy, strike-givers are encouraged to formally "warn" anyone of inappropriate behavior before issuing and reporting strikes. Furthermore, if a spectator receives a red card from a referee, that automatically counts as "2 strikes."

Tips for participants 
It is entirely acceptable for coaches to petition referees and question calls but please be respectful while doing so. Remember, the best way to encourage fair officiating is to get the referees on your side (as opposed to making them an enemy). So if you feel your team was wronged, gently state your case to the referee in a friendly manner and ask that they get it right next time. 

Moving forward
While we sincerely hope that no one associated with our club ever receives three strikes, we firmly believe the policy will make ours a better, more unified, more dignified, and more upstanding club. We hope you agree and will commit to doing your part when enforcing, reporting, and accepting this rule.

Thank you. 


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